Project Title |  Gross National Happiness Centre Site Analysis

Client Name | Gross National Happiness Centre (GNHC)

Collaborators | GNHC staff, Sandra de Poi, Gabriela Franco

Location | Bumthang, Bhutan


Services Provided

The GNHC project included very specific guiding principles, including: a strong sense of environmental stewardship. Following this fundamental guideline, Ms. Sandra de Poi, from De Poi Consultants supported the fulfillment of a site analysis in order to support the design of the new center with ecologically informed decisions.

In Site provided a site analysis who process included remote analysis, a site visit, map representation of natural characteristics and proposed zoning. While in Bhutan In Site also gave a presentation to the Former Prime Minister of Bhutan and Chairman of the Board of the GNHC HE Lyonchhen Jigmi Y. Thinley with the preliminary site analysis results and land planning recommendations. A complete report was delivered and presented to the full board of the GNHC by GNHC volunteer Gabriela Franco days after the final report was delivered.

Key Highlights

  • Created a map representation and photographic record of the ecological characteristics and structure of the site that will host the new Gross National Happiness Centre.

  • Inventoried the site´s flora and fauna preliminary, including photographic record and scientific identification.

  • Geolocated the site´s hydrological characteristics, risks, and opportunities, including the watershed area, available sources of water, and glaciers identified with glacier lake outburst flood potential (GLOF), and.

  • Defined the areas and levels of zoning intensity and represented those areas in maps, integrating the ecological structure with the GNHC program and intentions

GNHC site in Bumthang, Bhutan

Excerpt from the final report capturing GNH site analyisis treks

Excerpt from the final report capturing GNH site analyisis treks

Excerpt of the fauna inventory

Excerpt of the fauna inventory

Excerpt of the proposed zoning

Excerpt of the proposed zoning