Project Title |  Morocco Industrial Hub

Client Name | Confidential

Collaborators | Chris Allen + Associates, Biomimicry 3.8, Jacobs Engineering Group

Location | Morocco


Services Provided

This project involves an industrial complex  located in a arid coastal ecosystem that aims to be innovative in several ways, including the integration of an industrial ecosystem,  optimizing energy usage, resources, and reducing waste and emissions.  The project goals also include using different sources of renewable energy and demonstrating a stewardship for the natural environment.

In Site was brought onto the project team in order to make recommendations to the design team drawn from the ecology of the site for integrating the intentions of the project with the land and raising the environmental performance. This work was done in collaboration with Chris Allen + Associates and Biomimicry 3.8.

During the first phases of master plan design, In Site provided relevant information regarding the ecological characteristics from the project site, which includes: topographic considerations, soil characteristics, erosion conditions, hydrological features, observed and reported species of flora and fauna, among other site characteristics. These first site findings were mapped and represented through a zoning map outlining areas of ecological importance.


Key Highlights

  • Reviewed the site in a fast-paced manner in order to bring relevant and site specific information within the expedited master plan development schedule,

  • Leveraged the plans for development and construction as restorative activities,

  • Classified and mapped relevant areas of ecological value to inform master plan design and scenario building and selection, and

  • Provided the client with recommendations from a biomimetic design perspective toward meeting the clients guiding principles of sustainability development. These recommendations included the following: ecosystem services integration, landscape ecology, soil conservation strategies, hydrological strategies, and agro - ecological research.


Comparing remote analysis data with on site conditions

Comparing remote analysis data with on site conditions

Enjoying field work with Chris Allen

Enjoying field work with Chris Allen

Excerpts from site analysis report*

Discovering local species present on site

Discovering local species present on site

SAFI_excerpt site findings_4.JPG

*Limited report excerpts available due to project confidentiality